1. Loaded Gun – 12" Black Vinyl - First pressing


    $19.99 CAD

  2. Loaded Gun – Loaded Gun Album on CD

    Compact Disc (CD)

    $14.99 CAD

  3. Electric Dusk – Electric Dusk EP

    Compact Disc (CD)

    $9.99 CAD

  4. VU Meter T-shirt


    $24.99 CAD

  5. Star design T-shirt


    $24.99 CAD


Gloryhound Halifax, Nova Scotia

Rock. Two guitars, bass, drums. Songs with hooks. No Macs just stacks. The way it was, the way it should be. Whether they are sharing a stage in Toronto with Thin Lizzy or headlining The Seahorse Tavern in Halifax these boys from Fall River, Nova Scotia always deliver. In spades. ... more

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